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About me

I am a junior web developer who has expertise on HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, jquery for front end and java, python, flex and ruby and rails for web apps. I love to build android apps too.

I went to a coding bootcamp where I first started learning coding and currently I'm doing my MS in Computer Science as advanced studies on technology. Before I stepped into the fantastic world of technology, I was founder of a very succesful startup while pursing my MBA.

Yes, that's me!

Currently I'm working as an Instructor at LaGuardia Community College/CUNY where I teach professional studies programs and programming. I am one of the most popular teachers in my department. Not because I am good but I just got lucky getting all these amazing pupils. I'm also working as a web developer(remote) for a software company where we built websites and web app templates to sell in the online marketplace.

I am also looking for web developer positions in mainly NYC but will move to San Fansisco if facebook hires me (just kidding).

My favorite pastime is fishing in the summer. Love to go to the Atlantic with a fishing boat. Funny, last three summers I caught the first fish in the boat. I love standup comedy. In the weekend evenings, you would find me in the comedy clubs of NYC, either laughing or performing.


This is a showcase of some of the many works I did lately.

Institute of Internet Technology

Coding School

Tic-tac-tow game

Android app

Maze Game

Interactive maze game made by java


Web app

Lawyer's Website

Frontend website

Responsive Carousel

Bootstrap design

"I first met Shoaib about two years ago when we took a Ruby class together. Since then, we pair program together approximately once every other week. I'd highly recommend Shoaib for any junior software engineering position. He's a quick learner and consistently asks thoughtful clarifying questions, which I believe are the hallmarks of a strong junior developer." - Alyse Dunn, Software Engineer, Arena

"An original thinker, excellent programmer and funny. We don't see a personality like Shoaib everyday!" - Ruhul Kader, Founder, Future Startup

"Shoaib is a gifted teacher. He has this unparallel skill of being compassionate to others' need and putting himself at others' shoes. He brings an unique approach in the table to solve a problem and poses strong passion for web development. I highly recommend him as a programmer and programming instructor." - Klee Walsh, Asst. Director, ACE, LAGCC/ CUNY.

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Recruiters can also directly email me at shoaib@adrepublicbd.com or call me at (845)-747-3000.